Right-angle converters

We produce right-angle converters in any desired size.

by means of driven pallet roller conveyor and driven chain conveyor.

One part up/down by means of a motor gearbox or compressed air.

Frames powder coated, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel.

right-angle converter

2x angle transfer unit consisting of: chain conveyor with 2 chains 5/8'duplex GLS galvanized. Driven by drive shaft and SEW brake motor gearbox OS2. Including two-sided side guide, end stop and two-sided pallet insert side guide.

right-angle converter

1x right-angle transfer unit consisting of: driven pallet roller conveyor, drive from roller to roller with 5/8'' chain and SEW brake motor gearbox. Driven chain conveyor with 2 chains 5/8'' duplex.