That is our ambition. Being completely yourself is only possible when we create a place together where we feel safe and at home. And we create that place together.
With us it is not necessary to email a CV and letter of application. Curious how this works?
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We offer you various challenging and versatile positions in a modern, growing company.
Taking your first steps and gaining experience at Roltrax Industries. Participate in a dynamic environment in which growth and innovation are paramount, also when it comes to your development. As an intern you can discover what you like, what makes you happy, but also what you are good at.
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We are looking for you!

We currently have the following vacancies open.

All-round warehouse employee / Assembly technician

In this position you are responsible for warehouse management and stock management. With the help of the ERP program MKG5 you keep the stock up to date. You are also able to perform as many other activities as possible, such as loading/unloading trucks and receiving and sending orders. You will also regularly help with the installation.

Logistics employee (internship)

If you want to keep our warehouse running smoothly, we are looking for you. With the ERP program you manage the entire warehouse. Of course you also take care of all logistical processes within the company and you can help in the assembly department. In short, a versatile position with future possibilities. Crebo number: 25371. Learning path: bbl. MBO level 2.

Basic welder (internship)

You will work under expert supervision in the welding department within our company. We will try to teach you all facets of welding so that you become an accomplished professional. Crebo Number: 25290 Learning path: bbl. MBO level 2.

Construction worker (internship)

You will work in a fun, motivated team. We will train you professionally and are always open to questions. Are you enthusiastic and do you like technology, you are eager to learn and have a proactive attitude. Then Roltrax Industries is your perfect internship! Crebo number: 25291 Learning path: bbl. MBO level 2.

Allround construction worker (internship)

You will work in a nice, small team, where you will be fully guided. Are you eager to learn, social and you have an eye for detail. this internship suits you perfectly! Crebo Number: 25286 Learning path: bbl

Allround precision machinist (internship)

The all-round machinist works in our workshop and manufactures parts. Are you creative, social and enterprising? Then look no further and start your internship with us! Crebo number: 25624. Learning path: bbl. MBO level 3.

Mechatronics technician (internship)

In our company we develop and produce complete transport systems You will work in our production hall with modern equipment. Together with your colleagues and practical supervisor, we will train you to become a professional mechanic. You will be involved in building transport systems and manufacturing machine parts in consultation. Crebo number: 25342. Learning path: bbl. MBO level 3.